Ruffled Feathers Sanctuary residents
Making their lives better
Of paramount importance to RFS is the long-term welfare and happiness
of each bird. Our goal is to reduce the suffering and misery of parrots and
​other exotic birds when their owners can no longer care for them.
"To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived—this is to have succeeded."

—Ralph Waldo Emerson
For the love.
Ruffled Feathers® Sanctuary (RFS) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization located at the North Hanover Mall  in Hanover, PA.1

We operate a bird sanctuary and rescue by offering refuge and safety for at-risk parrots and other exotic birds suffering "changed circumstances" and in immediate need of relocation.

RFS is committed to each bird individually and to respecting its unique personality and intelligence. We achieve this through daily routines of social interaction between each bird and trained RFS personnel and volunteers.

​RFS assures that each bird is, and remains, capable of being held by a human being and does not revert to a wild state. We rehabilitate each bird by providing it a safe, long-term place where it becomes well-adjusted and capable of "stepping up" to the daily challenges of a very long life.

To be in the best position to meet these unknown future challenges, each bird must not lose its ability to interact with humans on whom it depends for its continued existence. We are convinced that a bird's ability to "step up" is the key to its long term emotional and physical well-being because in captivity parrots and other exotic birds only thrive when they socially interact with humans. By dulling or even negating their innate need to be free, man has substituted for their need to be free a new need for relationship with humans. Without social human interaction, a caged bird is mal-adjusted, mean, withdrawn, often depressed and always miserable. It is not our purpose to replace a mean, unhappy caged bird with a mean, unhappy sanctuary one; that is simply a change of geography. What is pivotal to a bird's long term well-being is meeting the challenge to step up and strengthen that bird's capability for human bonding and social interaction.

RFS is one of a very few Sanctuaries where a bird in need can be surrendered or picked-up and placed in Quarintine in foster care to be evaluated and Avian Vet checked . We never put a Bird on a waiting list. Many owners choose to Sponsor their Bird or donate to the Sanctuary. Our Rapid Response team has saved many a bird from euthanasia or a rapidly deteriorating existence.

Further, to avoid the total breakdown of this bird/human bond, RFS has initiated a unique process to educate bird owners and others interested in parrots and other exotic birds to appreciate the importance of succession planning for all captive birds. Succession planning provides a mechanism that is legally enforceable to transition companion birds in specifically identified circumstances immediately to a responsible successor caretaker when the original owner has died or is otherwise unable to meet the daily needs of his/her bird.

RFS offers members of the public, free of charge, information and support, as well as the necessary documents and assistance in completing them, to achieve this objective of non-disruptive transition from an original caretaker to a successor. Our objective is to minimize, if not eradicate, the suffering of these companion birds when predictable "changed circumstances" inevitably occur that sever their normal bird/human bond.

This goal of RFS seems counter-intuitive as self-limiting by reducing the number of birds requiring sanctuary residence. But of paramount importance to RFS is the long-term welfare and, yes, happiness of each bird. No one else, to our knowledge, has as a stated goal to reduce the suffering and misery of parrots and other exotic birds who, because of their long lives, face often multiple traumas and crises when current caretakers can no longer care for them. By empowering owners to take charge of succession planning, owners and their beloved companions are equally winners.

1. We are actively working on expanding the sanctuary in the Hanover PA area and to South Florida for longer outdoor enjoyment for our tropical birds and featuring full flight aviaries.   

2.   Open daily - Ruffled Feathers® Parrot Rescue & Adoption Center at the
      North Hanover Mall in Hanover, Pa.
     1155 Carlisle Street
      Hanover, PA 17331 
     Monday - Saturday 10 am - 8 pm
     Sunday 11 am - 5 pm

     We are also open for Volunteers! Daily
     Volunteer hours available for Community Service
Ruffled Feathers Sanctuary residents