A word of CAUTION:  as most of the Birds available for the Adoption program have already been in multiple homes and are rescues, stability is a key determinative factor in any placement.   So, if are just looking for a cute, young or cuddly Parrot that talks or looking for Adoption from the Sanctuary/Rescue as code for a way to get a cheap or inexpensive bird, kindly go elsewhere.  Our personnel resources are stretched so thin that we simply cannot waste time and resources, directed away from the Birds’ needs, to satisfy any misplaced, undisclosed, economic savings concerns you might have.

We have the following birds available for adoption:

  • Parakeets
  • Blue front Amazon
  • Yellow Nape Amazon
  • Goffin Cockatoo
  • Umbrella Cockatoo
  • Moluccan Cockatoo pair
  • Lesser Sulfur Crested Cockatoo
  • Sulfur Crested Cockatoo
  • ​Quaker Parakeet pair
  • Military Macaw
  • Blue and Gold Macaw
  • Severe Macaw
  • Congo African Grey
  • Timneh African Grey
  • Nandy Conure
  • ​Sun Conure
  • Doves
  • Cockatiels
  • ​Finches
  • ​Love Birds

***Special Needs but otherwise healthy older birds***

      To begin the process please fill in the online application below. 

                                         contact: 410-292-2919   voice/text
                                                             443-974-5474   voice/text

Ruffled Feathers Parrot Rescue & Adoption Center located in the North Hanover Mall
1155 Carlisle Street
Hanover, PA 17331

Monday - Saturday
10 am - 8 pm
11 am - 5 pm


Minimal Requirements/Factors:
  • Non Smoking Household – because its respiratory system is a bird’s most vulnerable
    ​biological system
  • Substantial previous bird experience with type of Bird adopting
  • An Apartment is only acceptable for Parakeet, Finch, Cockatiel or Love Bird
  • As birds are flock animals your Bird will need a companion
  • Keep Bird in a main part of the house
  • Adequate Cage and play/exercise stand
  • Demonstrate ability to handle and have Bird step up
  • Multiple sessions with prospective bird is suggested but not required
  • Prospective Bird adoptee must choose you also!
  • A Succession Plan in place at time of adoption (updated as needed) naming applicant as steward responsible for Bird’s welfare and well-being and designating successor steward.  
  • Make a Substantial Financial Donation to pay it forward and support/feed the Sanctuary and Flock.
  • Ruffled Feathers® Sanctuary Board of Directors reserves the absolute and unassailable right to refuse or deny an adoption in its sole and absolute discretion without any obligation to catalogue or give any reasons whatsoever for any refusal or denial.

If you wish to start the process, please complete the following information: 
 (not required for Parakeet, Finch, Cockatiel or Love Bird) 

Adoption Information
Type of Parrot you are interested in? List one type.
What is your previous experience with this type of bird?
Does anyone in your household smoke or vape?
Will your bird be alone when you're away or will there be companions?
Is noise a potential issue with neighbors?
Do very young children live in household?
Do you have adequate time to give to your bird?
Are you ready to put in place Succession Planning at time of adoption? (We provide a free bird trust.)
Are you ready to provide a long-term home for your bird?
How will you take care of your bird when away for extended periods of time?
Will you be willing to provide financial support for your successor/designated caretaker?
Are you willing or able to Volunteer here?
In addition to the adoption fee and lab fee, are you prepared to make an additional financial donation to help us feed the remaining flock?
Do you currently have other birds? If yes, what types and how many?
Why do you want to Adopt and provide a long term stable stimulating home for a Rescued Bird?
What are the dimensions of the cage and play stand you will be providing?
Do you live in an Apartment?
Will you be able to quarantine the bird for 30 days?
Has your bird(s) been seen by an Avian Vet in last six months. If yes. then please explain why.
A Progressive Adoption Policy:  Stewardship​

            As a Sanctuary where Exotic bird (“Bird”) owners may place and financially support their Birds to live out their lives in a stable and secure community environment, we do identify some Birds (whether rescued or surrendered) who once stabilized and rehabilitated would, on balance, benefit from continuing a one-on-one relationship with a loving “care taker.”

     It is within this context of this particular Bird population, that we have established a Stewardship program for persons who wish to fill a key role in a rescued Bird’s life.  Stewardship offers interested and qualified persons with an opportunity to satisfy a Bird’s need for a continuous and strong, long-term and personal relationship and, in turn, to discover the joy, intelligence and companionship of “wild” creatures that, in the main, have been forced by man to exchange free flight for a cage.  Only by fostering the human/bird bond can humans counterbalance and, yes, redeem the loss of their freedom.  Letting them “go” or “fly off” is not a responsible or humane option under any circumstances.  There are, nevertheless, some Birds who do not respond well to Sanctuary, communal living and who prefer a closer tie with a human companion.

             The Sanctuary and  Rescue offers its Stewardship program as a progressive “adoption” policy which is entirely consistent with the Sanctuary’s paramount and primordial commitment to each Bird’s individual long-term welfare through Succession Planning, i.e., that at all times each Bird has a successor responsible party appointed to care for it during its long life when its then current care taker can no longer do so because of changed circumstances, disability, and/or death.

   Stewardship functions as an interim phase of the Succession Plan for each Bird that is placed in the care of a steward.  A steward becomes part of that Bird’s Succession Plan to assure that the Sanctuary’s commitment to Succession Planning is honored for all residents of the Sanctuary.
            Stewardship represents a significant and serious commitment of time and resources by each steward who is prepared to live with and provide long term care for a Bird in your home.   Consequently, all those who wish to steward a Bird are screened by Ruffled Feathers© for their ability: (i) to provide suitable housing, (ii) to have financial resources and the physical ability and strength to care for the Bird, and (iii) to understand what proper care, nutrition and handling of the Bird consists.  Our stewardship program tries to match the appropriate Bird with a caretaker (taking into consideration respective personalities and other intangibles) to ensure a strong, healthy relationship that will result in a Bird/human bond that benefits all parties. 

Because of the inherently subjective, judgmental nature of this determination, Ruffled Feathers® Parrot Rescue and Sanctuary Board of Directors reserves the absolute and unassailable right to refuse or deny an adoption in its sole and absolute discretion without any obligation to catalogue or give any reasons whatsoever for any refusal or denial.

            Exotic birds are long-lived, often out-living their human caretakers, and, in our experience, the vast majority of them do outlive their current caretakers.  Statistically, within 3-4  years of purchased almost 85% of all Exotic birds are “flipped” or “rehomed.”  The Sanctuary stands as a bulwark to reverse this horrific trend which is the root cause of so much of each Bird’s suffering and anguish.  In each steward’s small way, success in life is defined by knowing that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived!  This is our purpose – to alleviate the misery and suffering of captive Exotic Birds who are continuously tortured, denied their freedom, isolated, bored, denied companionship of their own kind and of the humans who warehouse them in their homes.

           Neglect which lasts for weeks, months, years and, yes, decades is NEVER benign because, although there may be no actual wounding, that Bird’s spark of life and light of intelligence in its eye (that which makes it alive rather than not), its life’s blood, is hemorrhaging continuously while trapped in a perpetual hell of man’s making.  That is the horror of the abuse the Sanctuary confronts daily, year in and year out.  Each steward works with the Sanctuary to save one Bird at a time – the only way any journey in life is traveled, one step at a time.  The Sanctuary in all it does endeavors to surcease sorrow and ease suffering, not to contribute to any Bird’s fundamental insecurity.  Consequently, stewardship within the context of Succession Planning satisfies and fulfills the Sanctuary’s purpose.

To support the steward along this life’s journey, the Sanctuary is available, from time to time and upon request, to provide the steward with knowledge and experience “tools” to deal with the ever-changing relationship between caretaker and Bird as that bond evolves over time.

           Our personnel resources are stretched so thin that we simply cannot waste time and resources, directed away from the Birds’ needs, to satisfy any misplaced, undisclosed, economic savings concerns you might have.

            Each Bird is accompanied by its own Succession Plan whose completion is prerequisite to release any Bird to a steward.