Ways you can help
We are an Internal Revenue Service approved 501(c)(3) federal charity.
​Tax ID #  47-5527442
Receipts will be provided for tax deduction for your donations of cash or items.
Urgent Needs Wishlist
General Goods Wishlist



Your monetary contributions support the
​flock 100% and are greatly appreciated.

Things we need.
Zupreem/Pretty Bird Fruity bird pellets (all sizes)
Quality Macaw and Parrot seeds and
​Tropical mix blends
Parakeet and Cockatiel seeds
Volkman eclectus seed
Unsalted whole nuts (walnut, almond and pistachios)
Spray millet
Fresh fruits and vegetables​
 Apple Cider Vinegar with the "mother"

Other Items Needed
(especially items for large birds)

Cuttlebones and mineral blocks
Nice bird cages of all sizes (no rust please)​
Bird carriers, perches and play stands

Bird toys (we need LOTS of bird toys!)
Newspaper (no inserts) and cage liners
Stainless steel carabiners
 Ceramic Crocks
Heavy duty 55 gallon contractor trash liners
Paper towels
Jute, sisal and cotton rope
Bleach, White Vinegar, laundry detergent

and unscented dishwasher tabs​
Sponges, brushes, brooms, mops, latex gloves and other cleaning supplies
First aid supplies
Postage stamps and office supplies
Gift Cards: Home Depot, Lowes, Target, Office Depot, Staples, Wal-Mart, etc.

Thank you!

Support Our Flock or Sponsor an Individual Bird with an Automatic
Monthly Donation!

Please click "Donate Today" above to easily setup a one time or automatic monthly donation

Thank you for underwriting a bird(s) in our flock.
All sponsorships are fully tax deductible to the maximum extent allowed by law.
Suggested monthly sponsorship by size/type:

Tiny - Finch, Canary, Diamond Dove:

Small - Parakeet, Lovebird, Cockatiel:

Medium Small - Conure, Small Lorikeet, Quaker, Indian Ring Necks:

Medium - Pionus, Lorikeet, Small Amazon:

Medium Large - Amazon, Medium Cockatoo, Eclectus, Gray parrot:

Large – Macaw, Large Cockatoo:

If you wish a lump sum donation to go to a specific purpose i.e. food, toys, aviary or a specific bird, please inform us at the time of donation, otherwise donation will be unrestricted.    

To Donate By Mail

Make checks payable to:   Ruffled Feathers® Sanctuary

Ruffled Feathers® Parrot Rescue and Sanctuary
North Hanover Mall
1155 Carlisle Street # 531
Hanover, PA. 17331
Larger Items  
Walk in Aviaries
 Gas/propane generator
Large trash/recycle bins with lids
Electric leaf blower/vac

Chest refrigerator and Freezer
Electric air filters
Step ladder 8 ft or 10 ft
Rainbow Vacuum
Pop Up Outdoor Canopy 10' x 10'
Car Ports & Portable Car Port
Nest Indoor Camera - need three    
Trailer with hitch (approx. size 5' x 9')
Good working condition car and truck
Vehicles of all kinds, boats, trailers, RV
Storage shed
100 foot rolls of 1" by 1" Galvanized after weld cage wire Galvanized 10 foot pole for our flight cage fence
Chain Saw, Skill Saw
Tractor, Bobcat
100 Foot Rolls of 1/2" by 1/2" or 1" by 1/2" Galvanized after weld cage wire for building new flight cages
Building materials, plywood, nails, Screws/washers
Mobile home
Pressure Washer,
Power Tools, Large fans
Mosquito Magnets
Golf Cart
Lumber (2” x 4”, 4” x 4”, and 1” x 6”, Ply wood 4 by 8
Yard and Lawn equipment for facility maintenance

Even small material donations can be useful, and we will accept even more unusual donations for fundraising events such as raffles or rummage sales to support operational costs.

We have a cargo van for large local pick-ups.

Call/text to arrange drop-off.

(410) 292-2919
​(443) 974-5474

Estate Planning

   For questions about providing for your parrot in the event of your death or disability, please visit our Succession Planning page or ​ contact us for further information.
We have programs to monitor your loved one
​ if you entrust your bird to another.

Gift of Land

   Please consider gifting or allowing the
long term use of your land ​to enable us to
​grow and provide additional refuge.

Contact us for futher information.