Surrender / Relinquish Your Bird

   Ruffled Feathers® Parrot Rescue and Sanctuary (RFS) is one of a very few Sanctuary/Rescues where a bird(s) in need may be surrendered or picked-up locally by a RFS volunteer and placed in Quarintine to be evaluated and Avian Vet checked. Many owners also choose to Sponsor their Surrendered Bird and or donate to the Sanctuary. Our Rapid Response Team has saved many a bird from euthanasia or a rapidly deteriorating existence.

If your bird is ill or potentially contagious take directly to an Avian Veterinarian. Please do not endanger our flock!  Also,  do not just drop off. One phone call and a volunteer from our Rapid Response Team will coordinate what is in your and the Bird’s best interest.

We have a simple surrender form for you to complete, which states that you are the legal owner or caretaker and have the legal right to Surrender the Bird. Please download and complete the form below:

If you wish to financially support your Bird please go to the Donate page and click on the donate button. Automatic Monthly tax deductible donations are appreciated and greatly help. There is never a cost to surrender a Bird! Sponsorship via monthly donation, lump sum or Estate Planning guarantees your bird in the Sanctuary Program. We endeavor to keep the flock in Sanctuary as requested by many. If you would prefer your bird to be rehomed after quarantine and a stabilization period and not enter the Sanctuary Program, please let us know. We reserve the sole right to rehome via our adoption program any bird that we determine would be in the bird's best interest and the best interest plus the well being of our flock.

Finding items on our Wish/Needs List from your friends, family members or business in the community will greatly help the Flock. You may call to arrange a drop off time or request a pick up. Donation Receipts are provided and are fully deductible to the maximum extent provided by Law. Always consult a professional for Tax advice.     

You are always welcome to come and visit a surrendered bird. When you visit please bring some bird food, treats, toys or make a substantial donation.

Help support the Sanctuary!!!!